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#3 "Blackpowder Belt"

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A heavy single-thickness cartridge belt, just like the Texas Belt, without the cartridge loops.
  • 2 1/2" or 2 1/4" wide

*Belt Width  
*Jeans Size  
*Center Hole Measurement  
*3" Wide Option  
3" Wide Option, Add $17.00
*Non-Slip Suede Lining  
Non-Slip Suede Lining, Add $42.00
*Floral Carving or Stamping  
Floral Carving, Add $102.00
Frontier Floral Carving, Add $102.00
Extra Fancy Floral Carving, Add $140.00
Basket Stamping, Add $60.00
Border Stamping, Add $60.00
Fishscale Stamping, Add $60.00
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