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#44 Outfit - Holster only

The half-breed style holster and rough out moneybelt we made for John Wayne for use in the 1976 movie, The Shootist.
  • Lined holster (lined using "roll over" method for easy reholstering)
  • Open muzzle and hammer thong standard (leg thong on request)
  • 2 1/2" wide roughout moneybelt
  • Crossdraw available

Available for most Single Actions and Double Actions (3" to 7 1/2" barrels).

Rio Grande Rig - Holster only

Our "no frills" frontier reproduction, designed for the cowboy action shooter anxious to make an impact.

  • 2 3/4" wide cartridge belt
  • 24 loops centered (.44-.45 or .38-.357)
  • Crossdraw available

Available for Colts, Colt Clones, and Vaqueros.

Spaghetti Western Rig - Holster only

As seen in the "Spaghetti Western" movies of the 1960's.
  • Fancy stitched belt
  • 24 loops standard
  • Crossdraw available
  • Belt cut on a curve
  • Slight rearward cant standard
  • Metal lined holster for faster draw
  • 2 1/4" wide roughout belt with smooth lining

Available for Colts, Colt Clones, Vaqueros, and Blackhawks.

Hellfire Competition Rig - Holster Only

This top of the line competition rig empcompasses all the stage winning necessities. The holsters are leather lined and blocked with specially designed blocking guns that flare out the lips of the holsters. A tough Rawhide reinforcement strip permanently strengthens the flared opening to eliminate holster collapse. The shank of the holster contains steel that allows the wearer to customize the outward tilt of the butt of the gun, which makes drawing easier than ever. Speed ammo slides allow the shooter easy access for reloads straight off the belt. The Hellfire is the most complete competition rig on the market today.
  • Leather lined holsters
  • Rawhide reinforced flared holsters
  • Steel shank for customized pistol angle
  • Leather belt tab keeps the holster in a set position
  • 2 1/2" tapered gunbelt
  • Speed pistols sleds for rapid reloads
  • Rattlesnake stamping standard
  • 7 degree rearward cant for fastest possible pistol presentation

Available for Colts, Colt Clones, and Vaqueros

The Shootist - Holster Only

This top of the line rig is modeled after our famous #44 Outfit that we made for John Wayne for use in 1976 movie, The Shootist.  The forward canted holsters are top-grain leather lined and blocked with angled blocking guns for easy reholstering.  The 3" wide belt is constructed of soft, but durable suede.  This rig is without a doubt, the most comfortable rig on the market today.
  •  24 loops standard
  • Speed hammer thongs standard
  • Slight forward cant
  • Leather lined holster
Available for Colts, Colt Clones, and Vaqueros
El Paso Speed Rig - Holster Only

Every quick shooting advantage has been included in this top of the line rig. The smooth design and attention to detail give the Speed Rig not only a great look, but a quickness that makes it a winner.
  • Holsters are blocked with speciallydesigned pistols that angle the top line of the holster, making reholstering the easiest it's ever been.
  • 2 1/2" wide tapered belt features 24 loops standard
  • Leather lined holsters
  • Cut low in front for extremely fast draw
  • Full Speed Rig Shell Stamping Standard
  • Crossdraw available

Available for Colts, Colt Clones, and Vaqueros

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